Old World Order (2024) ▪️ Lost History of Earth

OLD WORLD ORDER: Our history has been fabricated! The official narrative is that in the mid 1800’s – early 1900’s, men riding horse & buggy (or prisoners) built thousands of GIANT stone and marble structures (what’s left of them anyways) and the official timeline of our recent past, does not match our reality. Our Rockefeller “his-story” books are pure fabrication! They teach us the “Great Chicago Fire” in school, but never tell us every major city was burned to the ground! Also, the civilization before us had amazing technology and were beyond advanced. There has been a massive cover-up!

Sean Hibbeler, CEO of Hibbeler Productions, was born and raised in the south burbs of Chicago, IL. Sean broke through the independent film scene in 2021 with his debut documentary entitled “Level (2021)” regarding our stationary Earth plane. Since then, he has turned heads by shedding light on many deceptions in our world.

Other life changing documentaries like “Fluvid-19” sparked an interest in the public with his denial of the Covid-19 “virus”, stating it was just the flu, along with the greatest scam pulled on humanity since 1969! With his latest film “Level with Me”, Sean produces breakthrough and exclusive material with gravity denying electrostatic tests & confrontations with NASA employees (past and present).

Currently Sean joined forces with Stew Peters, and just debuted their newly produced documentary called “Old World Order” regarding the lies of our Rockefeller published his-story books, and the understanding that the civilization who was just here before us, were more advanced than we are today.

Producing feature films & podcasting is now Sean’s full-time focus. Promoting a future of transparency and truth for all!

Sean Hibbler
& Stew Peters

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